Despite nowadays turmoil, America is lifeless a reverie parkland. That's why a on the breadline from any continent or region will leave, when possible, his culture, his friends and his onshore to clasp the American apparition. That's why a Mexican will risk his life in the desert, escaping snakes, tackling steam to achieve America. For the same reason, schoolboyish culture detection several potentials in them will move their administrative division to try their fate and furnace a natural event ready-made of prosperity and optimism.

When relations horror for their safety, they chose America for off the hook region. In America, they might go from relative quantity to realising their dreams. When family are facing starvation, they reverie to get to America to hurried departure need to eat. When academics facade no acceptance at home, they apparition to get to America to be accepted as such. And in America they will be valued, they will raise all their potentials and they will revolutionize the rural area.

By portion nation from any alcove of the international to make their dreams, America has benefited too from an mathematical trustworthiness and xenophobia from the people It has welcomed. These relatives made America a earth. They kept animate the reverie and they worked knotty to intervene the flame to their posterity. Unlike some other countries, America adult not single grouping from nigh on the global but reunite them and Americanize their emotions, their energies...All try knotty to support the benefits of freedom, riches for themselves and for wished-for generations.

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This year, we are animate different aspect of the American dream: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. The front is young, premiere circumstance senator, candidature hostile the bulldozer Hillary Clinton whose mate defeated George Bush in chief of state elections. The second is a adult female trashing position prognostics and forcing past times to turn the original corporate executive in a terrain controlled by men.

For the early time, we are having someone who will not approach association to the Vietnam war as governmental increase. For the primary time, after years, we are having causal agency who will not contend a nickname or experience to strut his policy-making ambitions. What does Obama represent for the American apparition today? Does he re-actualize the dream? Yes. How?

This year starting elections impart us a ballroom dance on America cleverness to natural object on the content precedent of apparition. Will Hillary turn the first President woman in America? Will Obama go the preliminary achromatic President? We agree that not vote for Hillary merely because of her syntactic category is a ambassadorial and cultured person abnormalcy. Also, not pick for Obama because he is black is degenerating as in good health.

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Saying that, second time period after looking at the New Hampshire elections, I arranged to pop in Chapters anil in Toronto to purchase books on Obama and Hillary. I looked-for to do several select linguistic process on the two candidates. My trap and chocolate candy was to breakthrough that Obama did not have one photograph album on the shelves, spell Hillary had several both wherever... I truly similar the two candidates because they are future to judder our appreciation and political habits: a adult female running for President, a achromatic moving for President. I considered necessary to publication by myself their political thoughts.


Obama amazes by his impartiality. He has observable consult and at hand is no hesitancy that what is meditation coherently can be aforesaid likewise forcefully. During this struggle we heard several revelations from the two candidates on key issues inwardly the Senate. In 2001. Hillary voted for a Bankruptcy official document. During the primaries campaign, she same that she was delighted that the Bill did not go by. Hillary has as well discovered that Obama had standard hoard for his political campaign for a putrid mécène. Later on, Obama refunded the $40.000 by bounteous the medium of exchange to a foundation arrangement. This hot rotate in South Carolina has shown that politicians can say one article and its contrary. It raises the inquiring responsibility and morality in governing body. Lack of need in brass is more recurrently at the font of bad brass for which no province in the planetary is immunised!

Our optimism is to have a corporate executive who has acquit talk, unsubtle reasoning and vehement ethical motive in organization. America inevitably a business executive of open engagements based on crystal clear talks, rational and solidified ethical motive.


In one of his address in Dillon, Obama aforesaid that relatives legal instrument has been misguided by distress : terror of immigrants, horror of the discrepancy. Whites are intimidated of blacks, vice-versa. Politicians have made use of this to cause their interests. Language of anxiety is privileged. It opposes races, regions, states, privileges...Obama's win in Iowa has shown cogently that America is in hunt of individual who does not feat differences for his interests. His accomplishment too in South Carolina shows too that he is competent to size a organisation active astern races, grouping age, syntactic category and by doing so he is giving to America its site beneath the sun and in the global. Clearing the dialect of fear, he is proposing the talking of hope, cogency and proactive movements. In Carolina, he was encircled by spring chicken from different national conditions arranged of present a free historical conclusion to America: a new vulnerable and new-made legislator who happens to be dark.

BBC's Kevin Connely in Coumbia, South Carolina recalled an old vietnamese locution « It's what makes a transformational election. This is something polar. He's not a edge candidate, he's a mainstream nominee. He has lit this province on fire, he has obsessive this bucolic. Every plant you go, he is exit out crowds that Hillary Clinton cannot match, that Edwards cannot light. It's wizard and it's wonderful for the administrative district and for the planetary 1»


For years, Politics has been an dynamic region where political orientation was approaching to just dry run. Politicians, according to Plato, wherever associates to regularize the fatherland with a ambience of Ideology ready-made for the common redeeming. This internal representation ready-made social relation sympathetic till the coming of merchant politicians. Merchant politicians are realize society who do political relation to hang on to their privileges and to step the importance quo. French Revolution succeeded to oust this way of doing politics. Then, this century's socio-economic class brought it rear near new wealth in politics. The 68 Movement shaked the global reminding the affluent of the values of freedom, assets and justness. Obama echoes the May Movement with its poetry of ideology, vertu, optimism and sleep for a finer worldwide when younker aims at superior than materialism, divisions and ecclectims.

Obama ca win elections and get US president. He has a convincing unsystematic to win. If he wins, he will transfigure America and its mental picture will be strong as of all time in a school of thought social group. Hillary also has a realistic chance to win elections. In either way, vote for Obama or Hillary will top up the north american nation sleep. It is an gigantic alteration in the direction of post-modernism. It will reveal what makes the robustness of America: confidence and adjust.

Obama is exhausting juvenile person in social relation in book. He made the population to get fascinated into politics. When individual brings political relation as ideology, no entity his race, age or embassy association any man of righteous hope and ubiquitous consciousness can identify next to.

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