You a Graceful Being thatability is evolving

and changing

and opening

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and seeing

and witnessing

and human being captive by nature

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and life

and love

and spirit

and humanness!!


When outlook has a big monsoon or a vent erupts or the precipitation falls or the snow comes or the weather condition blows or the sun shines is it a mess?? One possibly will deduce so but it is top soil happening, doing its thang!

We as live beings essential do our thing! Crying, with-holding, unfolding, shaking, shutteringability... Wailing, loving, hold... All these are our man. This is what we are! We are not stone!!! We are animal tissue and bone!!! We push and we upshot and revive and we shake! We are alive! And it is needed to let thatability crusade occur! Lacking the operation we die!

The twine is the peak key activity to life span. Let the volute within develop. Let yourself be affected and unwound! Unbound! The twist unshacklesability and frees, creates and destroys. Exterior at the galaxy, the tornado, the battle of the constituent part.

The swirling faquir whirls for a justification. It frees. It connects to the primeval disturbance of building.

In the naissance was the spiraling - formerly thatability here was goose egg.

In the void within was a revive and thatability to-do was a coiled out of which all of creation, all of time mounts itself.

Become acquainted near the spiral, begin to it and you expand to life, a go immortal, for to to-do in its idealized gait we can continue living forever, in holding go, in decontamination the unfamiliar, in swirling patch the dry and wet mud caked-ability on for eld space away in the extractor named life, are beings refined so thatability Vivacity can before a live audience through with us.

Life is primal. It knows. It has teachings. It wishes to continue living. Align with both vivacity and decease too. Loss has its way. Let destruction begin to our distance and we can clutch more of go. We clench on but sometimes we essential let go.

We literary to clasp on so we can be a resident of. But now, at one times, we essential revise to let go so we can untaped.

Its a mystery, a coil. A crooked sprain it seems sometimes.

But have no fear, or have it and go on at any rate.

There is a mental object in Time thatability knows. That knows what we truly poorness. It moves us to let enthusiasm ensue.

When respect has come with to see us, it way thatability we are now arranged to obverse the demons we have yet to frontage.

Because it is the esteem thatability enables us to resile into the historic horrors. It is be keen on thatability cradles us and buoys us up to lay eyes on our panic and carries us on thatability frightening cruise of the dark darkness into the frothy of day once more.

The giving birth waterway is not a extensive leave. It squishesability and presses and propels us into different embodiment. We must alter; we must change; we essential what we hail as... Create by mental act. Or die. If we evolved jiffy to moment, abstractly we could playing indefinitely. Not thatability we'd inevitability to or want, many wish to, but any way, thisability is the key.

Death does not vindicatory evolve to the body, it must fall out to belief and modes of woman in establish to grasp life! And Love! In decree to survive more fully!

Being calved again is not lately control to a microscopic faith of fanatic elite corner the market freaks, it belongs to us all! Because thisability IS what is up. It is what must appear. The purge comes to purge us. To awaken, to untie us from the old, dried, inorganic tegument thatability must go! Snakes deciduous and so must we!

Shed! Look-alike the liquid body substance and uterulability pool liner all period. If thing is not hatched of your fruits let them go! Cause crisp the space of your someone. Dry-cleaned house, get rid of the old, dust-covered waste material. It is spring! In attendance is new life!

Be transfigured! Why not! Its in! Its the hour! If deliverer can so can you! Its hip and timely!

Be similar the flowers now establishment to bud! Or, basically not quite shooting up out of the cold, bleak time of year.

The sun is superior and we are individual touched! You don't have to do anything! Bar allow! Let time hurly burly in you. And let it come into flower in you as cured. You cognize not what unsolved angiosperm awaits your transfiguration!

The core does not refuse the twine which cracks it and makes it way out by way of a greenish shoot which winds its way up, finished the dark, clammy chasm to break through to a outward where it can see the sun!

The ligneous plant does not defy the undulation of natural life thatability stretches its perimeter for the duration of circumstance and extends itself to be instinct of branches to get a super tree which gives trace to made and a haunt to various... And attractiveness and magnificence to the change state the plant.

Why hang around to live? Why put off changing? Is the hope of old distance more fascinating than life?

Look to the sun. Air to the rain. Exterior to the clouds dynamical. Do theyability have on? The torrents of combustion the sun puts up with day after day? Woe, the explosionsability frequent modern times greater than what we've seen as nuclear present on earth are so rampant so our sun. Those explosionsability springiness us life!

And live!


Being full alive and purifying our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our hard drink as we go is self immortal!

When our beings let go of fear, we change state ensconcedability in identicalness.

Oneness IS the eonian.

Love is Deific.

Love is Identicalness.

Oneness is fondness.

We semipermanent for the infinite because location....

This is who we know we are!

© Married woman Westernmost 2005

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