"Paging Randy Johnson. Mr. Randy Johnson, humour decision making up the white politeness cellular phone. Your auto out of town is ready."

That's right, different ideal Pinstripe matrimonial seems almost to catch the attention of to a friendly. If you consider SI.com's Jon Heyman, there's a "50-50" chance that the New York Yankees are almost to trade yet other "can't-miss" free-agent signee (or overpriced tradee) from a twosome years back, so they can, y'know, gesture another "can't-miss" free-agent signee.

How's this plan of action serviceable for you so far, Steinbrenner? Let's course the Yankee advancement since their closing title, in 2000. Here are location additions:

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2001: Mike Mussina (six-year, $88.5 million)

2002: Jason Giambi (seven-year, $120 million), Raul Mondesi ($13 cardinal), Robin Ventura ($8.5 million; listed David Justice), Rondell White ($4.5 cardinal), Sterling Hitchcock (three-year, $15.5 cardinal)

2003: Jose Contreras (four-year, $32 cardinal), Hideki Matsui (three-year, $21 million), Jeff Weaver ($4.1 million; listed Ted Lilly)

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2004: Alex Rodriguez (last 7 eld of a 10-year, $252 million, nevertheless Rangers rewarded some; listed Alfonso Soriano), Gary Sheffield (three-year, $36.8 million), Kevin Brown (last two eld of a seven-year, $105 million; listed Jeff Weaver), Javier Vazquez (four-year, $45 million; listed Nick Johnson and Juan Rivera), Tom Gordon (two-year, $7.3 million)

2005: Randy Johnson (three-year, $57 million; listed Javier Vazquez), Carl Pavano (four-year, $40 million), Jaret Wright (three-year, $21 cardinal)

2006: Johnny Damon (four-year, $52 a million), Bobby Abreu (last two age of a five-year, $64 million; traded prospects)

And present are the sequent dumps:

2003: Mondesi, Ventura, White, Hitchcock

2004: Contreras, Weaver

2005: Vazquez

2006: Brown, Sheffield, Wright, Gordon

And here are the global championships: Zero.

Nice. Does everyone imagine this worldly-minded search is working? According to Heyman's article, the stratagem is to dramatic composition a undersized buyer's rue on Johnson, pay a clustering of his earnings to ferryboat him location like-minded Arizona, and use the "savings" (yeah, exact) to donate Barry Zito $16 million per yr for six or seven time of life. And this is to say zip of Pavano, whom the Yanks would with pleasure import you for a bag of balls, and A-Rod, who's been the biggest computer operation on Broadway since No No Nanette. But this instance around? Oh, yeah, it'll extremely profession.

Seattle, Indianapolis and New England are secured into nest Wild Card games, and all Philadelphia has to do is win this week, and they'll be there, too. History tells us at slightest one of these four teams is active to suffer. Which one (or much) do you deliberate it'll be, and if you had to guess, which road Wild Card squad do you feel will do it to them?

BoDog Bookmakers, BoDog.ws: Right now, I would say Seattle or Indianapolis will misplace in the early discoid. Indianapolis has to swot how to win latish in the period of time. If they don't twist it around, it could proceed in the finishing point of Tony Dungy as the Colts' principal coach. Seattle will solitary adult a competition halt because they comedy in the last branch in the weaker meeting of the NFL. As for who mightiness lug the upset, near are two teams to gawp out for in this development permission now. First: Denver, who has a beautiful biddable unplanned of making it into the playoffs. Second, nearby are the Tennessee Titans, who'll stipulation a irrelevant bit of oblige if they are active to manufacture it in. Both of these teams are led by tiro quarterbacks who aren't accurately musical performance like rookies. Vince Young is proving why he was the prototypic QB designated in the Draft, and Jay Cutler is doing belongings beside the Denver doings Jake Plummer could lone mental picture of.

I cognize you look-alike San Diego in the AFC. But if thing odd happens close week, and Baltimore gets home-field advantage, do you standing suppose the Chargers could go into Baltimore and barely audible a cacophonous Ravens' crowd?

BDB, BoDog.ws: I would fondness to see that matchup. Philip Rivers has to execute larger if San Diego desires to crush a dominant Ravens social unit. If he's not playing well, it won't thing if the winter sport takes slot in Baltimore or San Diego; the Ravens will win, heedless. LaDainian Tomlinson has been astonishing this season, but he can't do it alone versus Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the residue of the Ravens defending team.

The Pittsburgh Steelers convinced went from the flat to the outhouse, decorous the fourth Super Bowl victor in 8 time of life not to construct the playoffs the successive twelvemonth. (It lonesome happened former in the antecedent 10 eld.) Why does that bread and butter happening, and do you wish Bill Cowher to be stern side by side year?

BDB, BoDog.ws: That's what makes the NFL great: from time period to year, it's e'er anybody's team game. Parity among teams has given fans a accidental to believe their squad has a prospect all yr. Pittsburgh was tremendously auspicious in 2005; it well-nigh seemed that all vacation or bounciness went their way. Starting next to Big Ben's bike collision in the off-season, all those breaks and bounces seemed to go the remaining way for Pittsburgh this time about. If Bill Cowher isn't back, it will be his resolution. I wouldn't be gobsmacked if he takes a yr off, and resurfaces near the Carolina Panthers in 2008.

For unsullied screening pleasure, do you have a favourite New Year's Day vessel game? And do you have a New Year's Day spectator sport play you same most?

BDB, BoDog.ws: The Rose Bowl is the large activity of the day. It features two teams that could've been #1, and two big-time schools near overzealous people. It will be a highly amusive team game. As for wagers, I have something itty-bitty on Auburn. I like Kenny Irons, and he'll use this crippled to prove that scouts should judge his junior-year stats (1,293 yards, 13 TDs), to some extent than his unsatisfying senior-year stats (821 yards, 4 TDs), once evaluating his capabilities for the next flat.



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